Startup Weekend Aarhus: fun, educational and networking!

This weekend (11th – 13th of June) I participated in Startup Weekend Aarhus – an event which aims to kickstart good ideas.

It was an extremely positive and fun experience which I feel commitet to share with all interested in startups and entrepreneurial work.

Alex Farcet – the man that makes it all happen

Startup Weekends are executed all over the world – in Denmark arranged by the extremely enthuastic Alex Farcet – read more about him here.

I simply love Alex and his way to run these events. I think he is a huge asset for Scandinavian entrepreneurial environment and I recommend all to meet him when they have the chance – i.e. at a Startup Weekend or Startup Bootcamp-event 🙂

Check out Startup Weekend Aarhus or Copenhagen. More about Alex: Podcast and article (both in English).

How it went

Everybody met at 5pm friday night. We where almost 50 innovative people.

After a nice dinner the pitching started. A pitch is a short presentation of your business idea, how it can make money and who you need to execute the idea (i.e. frontenders, backender, marketing people etc.).

The team day 1.

Then everybody voted on the almost 30 brilliant ideas – the top 10 ideas was selected and now people started to mingle and join groups.

At around 10pm the groups where founded and people got a work place assigned. Now the hard work started.

I joined a extremely professional team of 5 people – Michael Moncurs (who pitched and top 10 idea), Gerben from Holland, Hendrik from Germany, Raul form Portugal and myself.

54 hours later

After almost 3 days and only 12 hours of total sleep we where ready to present our project – the final pitch sunday at 7pm.

Our team had worked really hard on the idea – which differed a bit from Michaels initial pitch, which we actually did not have the great faith in. But now everybody was confident – especially because an CEO told us on day 2 that he where ready to buy our product, if it existed.

Our idea which we only had 3 min. to present went well… and soon we realised that we probably was among the top 3 projects.

The verdict

After the jury’s reflection (almost an hour!) we won the price for most innovative project – a total 2. place!

The Colinq winner team

Of course it was a mixed feeling – so close being no. 1 – but it did not really matter anyways. Our project was recognized by a professional jury and that was the most important thing.

Do it!!!

First of all I want to say thanks to the great team! You where all AWESOME guys – and I look forward to meet you all again 🙂

To Michael – thanks for taking us on your team – and thanks for letting us be critical and change your idea a bit without any hard feelings.

And to everybody else: just do it! Startup Weekend is for everybody interesting in business – also if you do not have any ideas of being an entrepreneur yourself. There will always be a team who would love to have you on it 🙂

Where to find more info

The next Startup Weekend will be announced at this facebook group.

Feel tempted? See this video made by these guys:

I have chosen to do this post in english to oblige my international team members – sorry for any gramma and spelling mistakes.

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