MacBook Pro Early 2011 and’s TRIM Enabler = problems

Do you have a MacBook Pro Early 2011 – and have just installed that little nice brand new SSD (maybe a Vertex 3) – and have used’s TRIM Enabler, then you are likely to have problems.

At first everything goes fast and smooth – but once in a while the machine will hung in processes needing the HD. Mouse and gestures still works, but every process waiting for the disk to do an operation freezes.

As one user on describes it:

However, every hour or so, the whole system will lockup for 10-20 seconds. I can switch apps and move the cursor, but I get the BBoD from every app and audio stops playing.

The solution to the problem is quite simpel: turn off TRIM support again (can be done in TRIM Enabler) – and wait for the Mac OS X Lion coming out this summer.

Read more about the problem here.