SMS from PC: MightyText vs. BrowserTexting vs. DeskSMS

MightyText, BrowserTexting and DeskSMS are all combined Android and web apps.

Fundamentally they solve the exact same problem:

Enables you to write SMS messages directly from the computer,
rather than from the smart phone’s annoying touch screen.

In practice they differ quite a bit. Here is a comparison chart:




No registration

You are forced to log in with a gmail-account.

No registration at all.

Easy to install

You need to install the phone app and a Chrome extension.

You only need to install the phone app. No installation needed on the computer.

Works no matter where contacts are stored

Works only with contacts stored in Gmail.

Works with contacts stored in Gmail, Outlook, SIM-card or any other place that the native contacts manager can access.

Desktop Notifications


Group SMS


Yes – unlimited number of recipients can be added to a message.


MightyText shows incoming calls-alert. DeskSMS has “Call” button that makes you phone dial the number.


Works on PC, Mac and Linux

All are browser based (MightyText only in Chrome) so they are OS independent.

Works in any browser

Works only in Google Chrome extension.

Works in all popular browsers.

Firefox Add-on



Chrome Extension




Yes – all data between the browser and the phone are secured by industrial strength AES 128-bit encryption.

Easy to use

Quite easy – and all old messages are uploaded to the Chrome extension. The layout is confusing though, as the messages are shown in one (very) long list. You need to scroll a lot, if you manage several conversations. The newest incoming messages forces that conversation to be on top though.

Very ugly interface and horrible colors. The layout is not thought through and are missing a lot of intuitiveness. The idea of tabs are good though.

Thoughtful design, a little conservative. Tabs works great and there is a very good address book manager (that can be toggled away). By far the best UI.

Reliable and fast

Quite reliable, but sometimes messages are slow to be sent and/or received.


Reliable. A special setting in the phone app makes it possible to avoid the phone to “fall asleep”.


100% free.

After free trial period

USD 5 for a year.

After free trial period you get 25 free messages per day and some minor limitations. See more here.

Premium features costs:

USD 4.99 for a year
USD 14.99 for unlimited

Invite-program can earn you free Premium time.

Screen shots

To get a better feeling of the 3 apps here is a screenshot of each one.







This is the most “professional” solution in quality, features and ease of use. Something you mostly expect from paid apps. The free version gives you 25 free messages per day (we think most can settle with this).

Premium is quite cheap and on top you can use the invite-program to earn free Premium time.

The most complete product. Very easy to install, no registration, secure and works out of the box.



This is the second most complete alternative. The user interface is nice, and the overall feelings is almost as good as the other payed alternative.

However the idea of a list-view of all conversations isn’t the best and the ease of use isn’t as intuitive as it could be. To the price – which is the same for the two payed apps – DeskSMS certainly is worth to consider. You may miss the oppertunity to buy a lifetime subscription as you can with the other alternative.



The only 100% free solution is also the absolute worst. The user interface is ugly and lacks stability.

Because MightyText is 100% free it is hard to complain. But usually you want to be sure that your texts arrive swiftly and reliably.