Can You send Group Text Messages from the PC?

Yes – actually you can.

If you have an Android phone running Android 2.2 or above (like the Android 4) you can send text messages to a group of contacts directly from the PC or Mac.

You just need to install BrowserTexting for Android on your phone and navigate to the website

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SMS from PC: MightyText vs. BrowserTexting vs. DeskSMS

MightyText, BrowserTexting and DeskSMS are all combined Android and web apps.

Fundamentally they solve the exact same problem:

Enables you to write SMS messages directly from the computer,
rather than from the smart phone’s annoying touch screen.

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MacBook Pro Early 2011 and’s TRIM Enabler = problems

Do you have a MacBook Pro Early 2011 – and have just installed that little nice brand new SSD (maybe a Vertex 3) – and have used’s TRIM Enabler, then you are likely to have problems.

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Guide: How to give Facebook-friends restricted access to your profile

It becomes more and more normal to have both a bank manager, colleagues and bosses as friends on Facebook – but it is not always nice to share everything with everyone .

Learn in this tutorial how you divide your friends into Friend Lists and assign them different access levels.

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Startup Weekend Aarhus: fun, educational and networking!

This weekend (11th – 13th of June) I participated in Startup Weekend Aarhus – an event which aims to kickstart good ideas.

It was an extremely positive and fun experience which I feel commitet to share with all interested in startups and entrepreneurial work.

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